2022-07-17 • 5 km

1454 Participants • 471 Women • 983 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender Place2.5kfinish time
50542VFVũ Hoàng Anh Male1100:13:3500:24:00.8
50551VFNguyễn Xuân Chung Male2200:13:3400:24:03.6
50135VFNguyễn Hữu Tuân Male3300:13:3600:24:18.1
50215VFHà Văn Tuyên Male4400:14:1400:24:33.6
50212VFPhạm Văn Tranh Male5500:13:5500:24:35.5
50467VFVũ Văn Đại Male6600:14:2700:24:39.1
51196VPPhạm Hữu Thái Male7700:14:1600:25:11.5
50778VFTô Văn Đông Male8800:14:1300:25:14.1
50750VFPhạm Ngọc Ánh Male9900:14:3700:25:16.4
50795VFTrần Văn Chiến Male101000:13:5100:25:21.8
50779VFNguyễn Văn Kiên Male111100:14:4100:25:24.5
50742VFBùi Tuấn Dũng Male121200:14:1700:25:45.6
50021VCRHoàng Văn Đức Male131300:14:1300:25:57.7
50009VCRCao Đức Hòa Male141400:14:5300:26:16.5
51387VP GolfLê Văn Chung Male151500:14:1700:26:18.9
50875VFNguyễn Minh Ngọc Male161600:14:0600:26:33.9
50007VESNgô Tuấn Minh Male171700:15:3000:26:38.9
50131VFNguyễn Quang Anh Male181800:15:2300:26:49.0
51404VP GolfTạ Quang Ninh Male191900:15:2300:27:05.8
50121VFPhạm Văn Quang Male202000:15:4200:27:12.5
50735VFNguyễn Duy Thành Male212100:15:1700:27:15.3
50262VFPhạm Văn Huy Male222200:15:4000:27:22.3
50029VCRLý Văn Cường Male232300:15:1500:27:35.3
50139VFHạ Quang Vinh Male242400:14:5300:27:37.6
51180VPĐinh Văn Công Male252500:16:0700:27:38.5
50128VFTrần Mạnh Phương Male262600:15:5000:27:41.6
50481VFBùi Công Huyến Male272700:15:1100:27:44.9
50163VFPhan Hữu Huy Male282800:15:5600:27:53.2
50378VFHà Trung Nghĩa Male292900:27:55.1
50747VFNguyễn Huy Hùng Male303000:14:1400:27:59.7
50879VFBùi Huy Thiều Male313100:15:5100:28:12.5
50036VFNguyễn Phương Đông Male323200:15:2700:28:15.8
50108VFNguyễn Huy Cường Male333300:15:5900:28:18.8
50609VFPhạm Văn Duy Male343400:15:5300:28:21.5
50455VFCư Seo Pao Male353500:16:0900:28:47.0
50049VFĐỗ Văn Thành Male363600:15:4100:28:47.6
50164VFNguyễn Văn Bách Male373700:15:2100:28:58.3
51178VPĐào Duy Thắng Male383800:15:5300:28:59.6
50459VFVũ Văn Phong Male393900:17:0200:29:04.9
50537VFNguyễn Văn Quang Male404000:16:5800:29:09.0

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Date: 2022-07-17
Location: Hai Phong, Hai Phong
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