Banyan Tree Vertical Marathon

2019-03-10 • Team Of 4

26 Participants • 11 Women • 15 Men

Average Time: 00:09:32
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankOfficial Time
61012-1Kanaesuan TEAM OF 4100:04:34.2
61014-1Chokchai TEAM OF 4200:05:01.4
61016-1Pattichon Pongprapapant TEAM OF 4300:05:47.5
61011-1มหาชัย TEAM OF 4400:06:02.2
61023-1Auttapon Chareanprasert TEAM OF 4500:08:45.9
61020-1Siriwat Dankul TEAM OF 4600:08:46.2
61022-1Jatuporn Dankul TEAM OF 4700:09:12.5
61005-1Lolayrun TEAM OF 4800:09:54.3
61002-1Humans Strong TEAM OF 4900:10:21.0
61003-1Katg TEAM OF 41000:10:53.8
61008-1Slow Actually TEAM OF 41100:11:55.0
61019-1Thet Mon Aung TEAM OF 41200:12:11.1
61004-1Kj's Babies TEAM OF 41300:12:23.6
61026-1Saralee Chatsawvapan TEAM OF 41400:12:46.1
61010-1ความฝันอันสูงสุด TEAM OF 41500:14:16.8
61001-1Gorgeous TEAM OF 4
61006-1Run For Your Life TEAM OF 4
61007-1Seedling Team TEAM OF 4
61009-1Yppp TEAM OF 4
61013-1Nontawat TEAM OF 4
61015-1Chakorn Charnchainarong TEAM OF 4
61017-1James Perenchio TEAM OF 4
61018-1Lalida Nithiraudee TEAM OF 4
61021-1Sarit Puengpaeng TEAM OF 4
61024-1Namfon Aroonwow TEAM OF 4
61025-1Sasithorn Prueksoontorn TEAM OF 4

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Name: Banyan Tree Vertical Marathon
Date: 2019-03-10
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
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