Pinnacle@Duxton Vertical Challenge

2019-06-02 • Mixed Team of 2

96 Participants • 30 Women • 42 Men

Average Time: 00:12:07
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Comp.ViewRankBIBNameCategoryCat. Placefinish time
150062Wei Hsien ChanMALE100:05:58.0
250221Kyim Hiong Eddie TanMALE200:06:00.0
350271Yang Hao LauMALE300:06:13.0
450061Jin Kai ChngMALE400:06:25.0
550261Belinda SoFEMALE100:06:42.0
650222Seow Cher TanFEMALE200:06:51.0
750262Cheye HillMALE500:06:59.0
850272Hui Ping KokFEMALE300:07:16.0
950341Ryan GohMALE600:07:43.0
1050342Ashley WongMALE700:07:56.0
1150251Simon Tam Yew KongMALE800:08:06.0
1250352Eugene YapMALE900:08:10.0
1350351Hiang Chye ChangMALE1000:08:11.0
1450101Zhen WuMALE1100:08:21.0
1550091Jeffy SohMALE1200:08:29.0
1650301Ameerulddin JohaMALE1300:08:45.0
1750021Qiu Fang TayFEMALE400:09:03.0
1850121Shien Yew LimMALE1400:09:07.0
1950022Qiu Ru TayFEMALE500:09:07.0
2050361Diang Hock MALE1500:09:13.0
2150201Emily Jane Kroon CheungFEMALE600:09:51.0
2250302Shermaine BohFEMALE700:09:52.0
2350111Pohlin HungFEMALE800:09:52.0
2450312Thu Hien LeFEMALE900:09:57.0
2550252Lex Lin ShihanMALE1600:10:12.0
2650321Christina LeeFEMALE1000:10:13.0
2750362Ah Meng LaiMALE1700:10:14.0
2850211Koi Foong HoMALE1800:10:17.0
2950212Agnes TayFEMALE1100:10:27.0
3050132Melissa MurrayFEMALE1200:10:36.0
3150102Arcelli OnodFEMALE1300:10:37.0
3250012Benjemin TongMALE1900:11:10.0
3350311Phuong Minh NguyenFEMALE1400:11:14.0
3450142Alex ChanMALE2000:11:16.0
3550161Wei Qiang ChooMALE2100:11:16.0
3650162Jian Yi LeeMALE2200:11:18.0
3750082Ong Chin BokMALE2300:11:55.0
3850072Monica HengFEMALE1500:11:57.0
3950071Chin Hock TanMALE2400:11:57.0
4050032Rachel KohFEMALE1600:11:58.0

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Name: Pinnacle@Duxton Vertical Challenge
Date: 2019-06-02
Location: Pinnacle@Duxton, Singapore
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