Canon Ekiden Challenge

2019-08-03 • 3rd August, Sports Hub

15 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

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Comp.BIBNameRanktotal lapstotal distanceOfficial Time
4003HAPPY FEET 11715.1001:20:28.5
4013THE CONTENDERS 21715.1001:21:45.6
4001RUN FOR CHARITY 31513.3201:20:33.8
4007IT RANGERS 41311.5401:20:46.0
4004PASSION 51210.6601:18:50.5
4010RUN FORFUN$ 6119.7701:12:22.7
4012YOI KOKORONE 7108.8801:09:39.3
4011MAGIC MEDICS 876.2200:39:26.2
4006SLAVE DRIVER TEAM 2 976.2200:47:32.0
4005SLAVE DRIVER TEAM 1 1076.2200:47:37.8
4009AVENGERS 8+1 1165.3300:32:50.5
4008ZONE D 1265.3300:36:43.5
4002HAPPY FAMILIES 1354.4400:29:31.1
4015JUSTICE LEAGUE 1454.4400:32:19.3
4014SINGAPORE BOWLING 1543.5500:41:31.7

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Name: Canon Ekiden Challenge
Start Date: 2019-08-03
End Date: 2019-08-04
Location: Singapore, Singapore
3rd August, Sports Hub View Results
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