Revive Marathon HCMC

2019-10-13 • 10 km

1741 Participants • 525 Women • 1200 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankCat. PlaceGender Place8kfinish time
11429Phạm Ngọc Phan Male11100:26:5200:32:47.5
10821Le van Tuan Male22200:26:5100:32:54.4
11810Lộc Lê NamMale33300:27:0700:33:33.7
11344Lyphibai Male44400:27:1900:33:40.0
11335Tam Truong Male55500:27:0800:33:53.7
11397Kaka Trần Male66600:27:4100:34:31.4
11342Nguyễn Thành Tiến Male77700:28:4100:35:39.7
11474Lê Thị Liên Female81100:28:4800:35:54.8
11348Nghia Vo Male98800:30:0000:37:08.7
11334Hữu Trương Male109900:29:5700:37:08.8
11296Dậu Chicken Male11101000:30:1300:38:01.4
11343Nguyễn Tiến Trình Male12111100:31:2600:38:42.2
11050Trần Quốc Anh Hào Male13121200:32:2200:39:33.9
11215Bùi Tuấn Lâm Male14131300:31:3900:39:34.3
11495Nguyễn Thị Hương Female152200:32:0200:39:52.4
11811Le Hoang Gia Male16141400:32:0700:39:55.2
11346Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Phương Female173300:32:4700:40:45.1
11361Hoa Female184400:32:4700:40:45.4
11351Duy Otis Male19151500:33:0400:40:49.7
10892Trần Dạ Vũ Male20161600:32:4500:40:49.8
11291Nguyễn Thanh Giàu Male21171700:33:0600:41:18.3
11340Hưng Võ Male22181800:33:0800:41:30.0
11602Nguyễn Thị Thùy Dung Female235500:34:0000:42:55.7
10870Trần Thuật Male24191900:34:2800:43:43.7
11460Quang Viễn Male25202000:32:3900:44:37.4
11601Trần Thị Thanh Thảo Female266600:34:5600:44:44.7
11360Tiểu Đường Female277700:36:4000:45:12.0
11821Nguyễn Đức Thịnh Male28212100:36:5300:45:43.9
10815Trần Đức Sơn Male29222200:46:18.7
10986Dương Phước Kê Male30232300:37:2600:47:19.8
11722Trịnh Quang TuânMale31242400:36:1600:48:21.0
11585 Nguyễn Văn HồngMale32252500:36:5400:48:29.1
11471Boy Aikido Male33262600:38:4200:48:35.5
10940Phùng Gia Hào Male34272700:38:3700:48:35.9
11478Nguyễn Dư Đàn Male35282800:39:1800:49:03.4
11500Sang Male36292900:39:2900:49:28.3
11550Andrew Male37303000:40:2600:49:45.4
11252Nguyễn Thị Thương Female388800:40:5100:50:27.5
11065Trần Công Huy Male39313100:41:1400:51:02.4
11162Nguyễn Thành Trung Male40323200:41:3900:51:13.4

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Name: Revive Marathon HCMC
Date: 2019-10-13
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh
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