Anh Duong Soi Chieu

2020-11-07 • 5 km

808 Participants • 77 Women • 161 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Place2.5kchip timefinish time
50046Truong Quang Linh Male11100:10:0200:19:53.100:19:56.1
50672van Luong Tu Tan Male22100:10:4500:21:25.500:21:26.9
50674Doan Anh Tu Male33200:10:5000:21:29.500:21:32.3
50671Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc Male44300:10:5800:21:46.000:21:47.9
50201Nguyen Thi Huyen Female51100:10:5100:21:49.400:21:50.6
50678Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc Male65400:11:1700:22:22.900:22:24.7
50126Trần Thị Thu Hằng Female72200:10:5800:22:30.100:22:32.6
50679Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc Male86500:11:2900:22:34.700:22:36.6
50125Trần Văn Sỹ Male97600:11:3000:22:38.500:22:39.7
50676Nguyen Thi Mai Anh Female103300:11:1300:23:27.500:23:30.7
50252Hà Nam Male118700:12:0000:23:57.600:24:02.8
50627Thanh Hóa Male129800:11:4700:24:45.200:24:51.6
50628Thanh Hóa Male1310900:12:1100:24:47.100:24:51.8
50673Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc Male14111000:11:5000:25:02.200:25:04.6
50064Thích Minh Hoàng Male1512200:12:1900:25:20.000:25:22.4
50350Hà Nam Female164400:12:5600:25:20.700:25:23.0
50680Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc 171100:12:5500:25:21.400:25:23.5
50677Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc 182200:12:5600:25:21.600:25:24.3
50700Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc 193300:13:2600:25:15.300:25:45.6
50040Nguyễn Thị Trà Giang Female205500:13:0900:25:52.900:25:56.8
50709Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc 214400:13:0800:26:15.700:26:39.2
50575Hà Nam 225500:13:0600:26:23.700:26:39.6
50229Hà Nam 236600:13:3100:26:33.700:26:40.0
50623Thanh Hóa Male24131100:13:3900:26:43.500:26:48.5
50762Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc 257700:14:0700:26:29.100:26:55.8
50846Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc 268800:14:0200:26:51.100:26:59.2
50567Hà Nam 279900:13:0900:27:25.700:27:31.3
50128Hà Nam Female286600:13:1700:27:15.500:27:32.6
50152Hà Nam 29101000:14:2700:27:36.200:27:39.0
50608Thanh Hóa Male30141200:14:0500:27:27.600:27:47.9
50015Phạm Thị Thu Hương Female317700:13:3700:28:00.100:28:04.9
50666Thanh Hóa Male32151300:13:4400:28:05.000:28:11.4
50611Thanh Hóa Male33161400:13:5700:28:08.400:28:18.6
50629Thanh Hóa Male34171500:12:5900:28:20.500:28:26.8
50773Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc 35111100:13:2900:28:35.800:28:43.2
50834Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc 36121200:14:1200:28:48.800:28:59.5
50238Hà Nam 37131300:14:5700:28:47.900:29:04.9
50839Clb Phật Tử Tam Chúc 38141400:14:1300:28:57.100:29:12.0
50665Thanh Hóa Male39181600:14:2600:29:07.500:29:12.2
50651Thanh Hóa Male40191700:15:2300:28:59.900:29:20.4

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Name: Anh Duong Soi Chieu
Date: 2020-11-07
Location: Tam Chuc - Ha Nam, Viet Nam
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