Tri-Factor Triathlon - Viet Nam

2022-04-10 • Enduro Relay

12 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

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Comp.ViewRankBIBNameCategoryCat. PlaceSwimBikeRunOfficial Time
14020Team Thường, Vũ, VũRelay100:34:3601:53:3201:19:0603:49:44.0
24021Team Thanh, Huy, HuyRelay200:31:3901:55:5301:24:4203:54:50.0
34022Team An , Huy, HuyRelay300:36:1602:03:1001:18:3604:00:41.0
44018Team Trung, Thịnh, ThịnhRelay400:33:4001:59:0001:30:5104:05:53.0
54026Team James, Zymantas, ZymantasRelay500:34:1302:05:4602:22:4905:05:13.0
64028Team Emily, Carl, NatalieRelay100:36:1402:37:2302:05:2005:21:20.0
74024Team Vỹ, Nghĩa, NghĩaRelay600:43:3702:35:5402:06:1905:28:24.0
84025Team Anh, Anh, AnhRelay700:38:4302:17:2102:31:5905:39:16.0
94019Team Hương, Lộc, LộcRelay200:44:5202:56:0602:43:2806:28:22.0
DNF4023Team Phú, Tri, TriRelay03:21:1202:59:42
DNF4027Team Tín, Nhật, NhậtRelay00:52:0902:32:41
DNF4029Team Morea, Kelsey, KelseyRelay

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