VPB Hà Nội Marathon 2022

2022-10-16 • 10 km

1598 Participants • 729 Women • 869 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Place3.1k5.6kfinish time
E11Le Tien Long Male-Elite11100:10:0000:17:4300:32:56.0
E10Hoang Viet Vy Ly Male-Elite22200:10:2400:18:4300:34:28.0
E06Truong van Nguyen Male-Elite33300:10:3100:19:1200:36:09.0
13648Tung Nguyen Male 36-4544100:12:4500:22:0500:39:48.0
E04Nguyen Trung Duc Male-Elite55400:11:3700:21:3100:40:03.0
11435Ngo Manh Ha Male 16-3566100:12:3000:22:0400:40:12.0
19397Le van Toan Male 16-3577200:11:5500:21:3600:40:48.0
11888Hanh Nguyen Female 16-3581100:12:5200:22:5800:42:17.0
11784Pham Binh Linh Male 16-3598300:13:0100:23:1800:42:32.0
12022Vu Tien Manh Male 16-35109400:13:0000:23:1900:42:32.0
E53Han Thi Bich Thu Female-Elite112100:12:0600:22:1500:42:44.0
13728Vu Truong Giang Male 36-451210200:13:1000:23:2100:43:00.0
19295Ngo Thi Tuyet Chinh Female 16-35133200:13:3700:24:1300:44:30.0
18297Brian William Chanen Male 46+1411100:13:0400:23:3400:44:57.0
15636Le van Bien Male 16-351512500:11:2100:20:3900:45:14.0
14167Nguyen Hoang Tuan Male 16-351613600:13:3800:24:1300:45:20.0
11432Nguyen Duc Dung Male 36-451714300:13:5100:24:5900:47:08.0
19087Nguyen Trong Nam Male 16-351815700:14:2500:25:5500:47:38.0
14878Tran van Chinh Male 16-351916800:15:4700:27:0600:47:54.0
18175Nguyen Ngoc Quynh Male 36-452017400:13:4800:25:0900:48:22.0
12616Le Huy Thai Male 36-452118500:14:0500:25:5000:48:37.0
10534Phan Thi Minh Female 16-35224300:14:0800:25:3200:48:40.0
10382Le Thi My Huong Male 46+2319200:13:3200:25:2000:48:46.0
19143Bui Xuan Hoang Male 36-452420600:15:3400:26:5300:49:00.0
12515Pham Thanh Long Male 16-352521900:15:3300:27:0600:49:11.0
18189Markus Weiss Male 16-3526221000:15:1100:49:27.0
13624Nguyen Thiet Hiep Male 36-452723700:14:3200:26:2400:49:40.0
17590Dang Kieu Huong Female 36-45285100:14:3300:26:3000:49:50.0
17189Nguyen Quoc Hieu Male 16-3529241100:14:4900:26:5100:49:53.0
11675Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet Female 36-45306200:15:1200:26:5700:49:59.0
18611Nguyen Trong An Male 16-3531251200:14:0900:26:3100:50:02.0
14903Nguyen Thi Thu Hien Female 46+327100:14:0100:26:3100:50:15.0
17987Nguyen Thanh Tung Male 16-3533261300:15:3100:27:0300:50:21.0
19131Vu Ngoc Anh Male 36-453427800:16:5800:28:0500:50:26.0
16594Samarth Suvajarachai Male 46+3528300:15:5200:28:0800:51:01.0
17152Nguyen Hong Diep Male 46+3629400:15:1100:27:2200:51:09.0
14962Phung Duc Cuong Male 16-3537301400:15:3600:27:3200:51:23.0
13056Danique Spierts Female 16-35388400:15:1000:27:2600:51:27.0
12993Ta Dinh Han Male 36-453931900:16:4500:28:2900:51:39.0
19688Nguyen Duc Anh Male 46+4032500:16:4500:28:2900:51:40.0

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Name: VPB Hà Nội Marathon 2022
Date: 2022-10-16
Location: Hanoi, Viet Nam
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