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Comp.ViewBIBNameGenderRankGender Placefinish time
00003LE NGOC TUE M1100:12:13.2
00019NGUYEN THI HOAI AN F2100:13:16.5
00079TRAN THIEN KIM F3200:13:52.4
00034NGUYEN THANH DANH M4200:14:05.8
00057NGUYEN VAN LINH M5300:14:25.3
00035NGUYEN HUU PHUOC M6400:14:36.6
00078NGUYEN XUAN HIEU M7500:14:58.5
00015TRAN MINH TRI M8600:15:00.5
00100VU TOAN THANG M9700:15:35.1
00044LE DUY ANH M10800:15:35.6
00045NGUYEN VAN QUYEN M11900:15:37.4
00053BACH NGOC BAO KY M121000:15:47.2
00040BUI THI YEN F13300:15:47.2
00069DUONG THI HOA F14400:16:01.4
00024BUI LINH F15500:16:07.0
00027LE NGUYEN TRAM ANH F16600:16:17.7
00033DINH NGOC LUAN M171100:16:57.7
00021DO TIEN THUAN M181200:18:07.9
00049NGO TAN BAO M191300:18:08.2
00068LE LUONG THI DUYEN F20700:18:18.0
00026NGUYEN THI HONG NGA F21800:18:39.6
00071NGUYEN HO NAM M221400:18:56.0
00059NGUYEN DUC NGOC M231500:19:00.9
00062NGUYEN THANH QUANG M241600:19:05.2
00011LE HUU HANH M251700:19:29.6
00002PHAM DUC THUAN M261800:19:48.2
00065NGUYEN KHOA VINH M271900:20:16.7
00005VU VAN SON M282000:20:30.0
00043HUYNH HOA THIEN LY F29900:21:02.7
00072NGUYEN THI HOANG ANH F301000:21:40.3
00077HO NGUYEN DIEP F311100:21:58.5
00051NGUYEN THI MINH HONG F321200:22:04.6
00085Nguyễn Khánh Trình M332100:22:48.0
00087Trần Thị Thuý F341300:23:09.3
00056TRAN DAO MINH NHAT F351400:23:20.0
00041DUONG THI HOA F361500:24:09.2
00012NGUYEN TRUNG TRUC M372200:24:13.8
00050NGUYEN MINH MAN M382300:24:35.0
00075DAO NGUYEN XUAN THAO F391600:25:11.4
00066NGUYEN THI THANH THAO F401700:27:18.2

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Date: 2023-03-19
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
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