Tour of Friendship R1 2014

2014-04-26 • Stage 1 - Time Trial

210 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 00:10:41
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankCat. Placegun timegaptime
137JAMES LOWDEN OPEN1100:09:08.0
415PASCAL TRIEBEL 40-492100:09:13.0
133BASTIAN DOHLING OPEN3200:09:14.000:00:07
125TAKEI KYOSUKE OPEN4300:09:15.000:00:07
123SCHERWEY PIERRE OPEN5400:09:23.000:00:16
144NICOLAS MAGNAN OPEN6500:09:30.000:00:22
309JOHN CATTRALL 30-397100:09:32.0
465PAVOL KRIZAN 40-498200:09:33.000:00:20
117DAVE CHRISTENSON OPEN9600:09:35.000:00:28
152KONSTANTIN FAST OPEN10700:09:36.000:00:29
145VINCENT ANG CHIN YONG OPEN11800:09:36.000:00:29
134BEN ARNOTT OPEN12900:09:37.000:00:30
345NICK SWALLOW 30-3913200:09:38.000:00:05
313BRIAN JOHNSEN 30-3914300:09:40.000:00:08
138MICHAEL SAGERMANN OPEN151000:09:42.000:00:34
414JOS WALLIG 40-4916300:09:42.000:00:29
153GUY CONNELL OPEN171100:09:42.000:00:34
122MARK COOK OPEN181200:09:44.000:00:36
412HAMISH KEITH 40-4919400:09:49.000:00:36
341CHRIS NYONYINTONO 30-3920400:09:49.000:00:17
136JAMES GUARDINO OPEN211300:09:49.000:00:42
143PETER POULY OPEN221400:09:50.000:00:42
470SEBASTIEN PILOTTE 40-4923500:09:50.000:00:37
502STEVEN J WONG 50-5924100:09:52.0
702YONAMINE ERI LADY25100:09:52.0
343DAVID WILKINS 30-3926500:09:55.000:00:23
473THOMAS BRAUN 40-4927600:09:55.000:00:42
520ANTHONY HERDRICH 50-5928200:09:57.000:00:05
103DARREN BENSON OPEN291500:09:58.000:00:50
433LUCA BENEDINI 40-4930700:09:58.000:00:45
418ANTHONY BARTHELL 40-4931800:09:58.000:00:45
350DAVID LLOYD 30-3932600:10:00.000:00:28
111HOH JIN CHENG OPEN331600:10:01.000:00:53
119DAVID COX OPEN341700:10:02.000:00:54
113WU KIN SAN OPEN351800:10:02.000:00:54
326ARON AKESSON 30-3936700:10:02.000:00:30
140YOUCEF CUMMINGS OPEN371900:10:02.000:00:55
425RUPERT GRIFFITHS 40-4938900:10:03.000:00:50
130MITCHELL ALLEN OPEN392000:10:03.000:00:56
503JAMES HADDEN 50-5940300:10:04.000:00:12

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Name: Tour of Friendship R1 2014
Date: 2014-04-26
Location: Bangkok, BKK
Stage 1 - Time Trial View Results
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