Combi Run 2015

2015-09-13 • 10 KM

1059 Participants • 262 Women • 797 Men

Average Time: 01:11:34
Filter Results:
RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategorychip timeOfficial Time
1 116Agus PrayogoMALE OPEN00:30:52.400:31:31.0
2 200Atjong Tio PurwantoMALE OPEN00:30:55.400:31:33.8
3 481Jauhari JohanMALE OPEN00:31:06.600:31:45.0
4 691Ridwan RidwanMALE OPEN00:31:22.600:32:01.3
5 1024Michael CapperMALE OPEN00:35:01.100:35:40.1
6 700Rini BudiartiFEMALE OPEN00:35:23.000:36:01.0
7 971Gary BakerMALE OPEN00:38:37.100:39:35.0
8 634Odekta Elvina NaibahoFEMALE OPEN00:39:19.400:39:58.0
9 727Rumini RuminiFEMALE OPEN00:40:29.200:41:08.0
10 991John YatesMALE OPEN00:41:09.100:41:10.1

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