Combi Run 2015

2015-09-13 • Kids 500 M

106 Participants • 49 Women • 57 Men

Average Time: 00:03:14
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankOfficial Time
7070Paulus Tristan Santoso500 M KIDS DASH MALE100:02:19.8
7078Simon Hamonangan Aruan500 M KIDS DASH MALE200:02:23.0
7054Lorraine Wibowo500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE300:02:24.4
7073Sakurako Caya Katya Kato500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE400:02:25.0
7092Athaillah Danendra Maulana500 M KIDS DASH MALE500:02:26.4
7075Salvatore Cnockaert500 M KIDS DASH MALE600:02:27.5
7089Winston Alexander Hendarto500 M KIDS DASH MALE700:02:27.5
7049Kent Koswara500 M KIDS DASH MALE800:02:29.5
7041Hugo Rafael Mikimotommi500 M KIDS DASH MALE900:02:29.6
7102Gregorius Cley500 M KIDS DASH MALE1000:02:31.6
7059Maxine Sutisna500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE1100:02:31.7
7105Aksan Agustiyanto500 M KIDS DASH MALE1200:02:37.9
7019Danika Donauw500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE1300:02:41.5
7018Christine Beti500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE1400:02:41.5
7080Tarisha Khairania500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE1500:02:42.5
7082Tegar Seven Nugroho500 M KIDS DASH MALE1600:02:44.1
7012Bana Bomantoro500 M KIDS DASH MALE1700:02:47.9
7097Aliffia Zahra Adriana500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE1800:02:47.9
7024Dio Bomantoro500 M KIDS DASH MALE1900:02:48.0
7064Nevandra Haryadi500 M KIDS DASH MALE2000:02:48.7
7010Audrey Zeta Pramono500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE2100:02:49.6
7030Fabian Putra Nathanael500 M KIDS DASH MALE2200:02:51.9
7101Syawn Darren500 M KIDS DASH MALE2300:02:53.6
7098Alessa Tampi500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE2400:02:55.0
7099Chiara Tampi500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE2500:02:55.2
7033Farras Rizqi Adrian500 M KIDS DASH MALE2600:02:55.5
7008Antonius Satya Antayeriko500 M KIDS DASH MALE2700:02:55.8
7088Vivian Quinn Jaya Permana500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE2800:02:57.1
7090Yoana Phoebe Jaya Permana500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE2900:02:58.0
7056Marty Siregar500 M KIDS DASH MALE3000:03:00.7
7007Antonia Angelita500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE3100:03:01.1
7006Andrew Pakpahan500 M KIDS DASH MALE3200:03:01.6
7079Syams Wibowo500 M KIDS DASH MALE3300:03:01.7
7063Min Young Kim500 M KIDS DASH MALE3400:03:03.2
7104Kiera Agusyanto500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE3500:03:03.9
7017Christabelle Hamadi500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE3600:03:04.4
7028Eoceni Maruwai500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE3700:03:04.8
7083Teresa Claire500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE3800:03:05.4
7002Alexander Jayden500 M KIDS DASH MALE3900:03:06.3
7052Kunang Btari500 M KIDS DASH FEMALE4000:03:06.7

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