Combi Run 2015

2015-09-13 • Kids 1.5 KM

102 Participants • 49 Women • 53 Men

Average Time: 00:10:07
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankOfficial Time
7195Vernonica Aileen Kurniasih Sulaba1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE100:06:16.5
7210Wisnu Yudhosantoso1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE200:06:26.6
7176Latisha Luna Sasmito1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE300:06:28.4
7177Layli Tamami1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE400:06:30.4
7151Afrah Damayanti1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE500:06:31.7
7153Alia Fatika Santosa1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE600:06:33.8
7230Karsten Spencer Darma1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE700:06:44.8
7196Virgie Magfirah Wardanti1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE800:07:14.2
7250Noor Raisya Rahmayani1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE900:07:14.2
7185Naufal Azka Alifadithia1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE1000:07:16.4
7243Alfa Putra Priaryambodo1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE1100:07:17.9
7157Aszahra Maharani Putri1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE1200:07:25.0
7200Zhafira Maulana1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE1300:07:29.0
7223Riko Ramadhan1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE1400:07:39.6
7211Flairene Wonomiharjo1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE1500:07:49.5
7173Kirana Donauw1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE1600:08:00.0
7240Justin Sinaga1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE1700:08:19.0
7203Ken Thajeb1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE1800:08:30.2
7168Irvin Sibuea1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE1900:08:32.2
7155Andrew Indrajaya1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE2000:08:35.2
7154Alima Taqiyah1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE2100:08:39.2
7249Akmal Afif Maulana1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE2200:08:50.6
7158Aurelia Cathleen Widjaja1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE2300:08:59.5
7183Naomi Rahma1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE2400:09:04.8
7199Danya Tjokroardi1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE2500:09:07.5
7224Putri Dwi Wulandari1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE2600:09:10.5
7220Maria Ss Darmawan1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE2700:09:16.6
7233Dicky Prasetyo Putra1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE2800:09:23.5
7221Felicia Daniella Tunru1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE2900:09:25.1
7251Jason Thajeb1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE3000:09:31.9
7152Ali Kinan Karyadi1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE3100:09:35.4
7212Hikaru Madani1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE3200:09:38.9
7227Rakha Rainer Hanggoro1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE3300:09:41.1
7170Jemima Basuki1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE3400:09:42.4
7241Matthew Ivan Widjaja1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE3500:09:45.0
7198Zefanya Chloe Boendiarto1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE3600:09:45.7
7207Jeanne Candra1.5 KM KIDS DASH FEMALE3700:09:47.0
7242Kevin Budhi1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE3800:09:51.6
7167Gusti Rafky Athaillah Gafli1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE3900:09:52.5
7162Dandy Wilson1.5 KM KIDS DASH MALE4000:09:53.4

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