2016-08-21 • Freshmen

182 Participants • 64 Women • 118 Men

Average Time: 00:23:06
Bike was cancelled due to the weather condition. Only 1 lap of swim (750 m) was required for the standard distance.
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RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. PlaceSwimRunOfficial Timepoints
1 1812Emma Ada MiddleditchF-Jun1100:04:0800:08:0100:12:59.0100
2 1501Sumedha LimM-Open1100:03:3200:08:3400:13:20.1100
3 1818Herlene Natasha YuF-Jun2200:03:4700:08:4300:13:20.799
4 1513Jonathan "Trainee" TayM-Open2200:04:5900:08:3300:14:17.099
5 1810Elizabeth LiauF-Jun3300:04:5900:08:4700:14:37.098
6 1512Lee ThomasM-Open3300:05:1500:08:4900:14:54.098
7 1819Emma WickesF-Jun4400:04:0900:10:2800:15:38.597
8 1702Terence NgM-Vet4100:06:1500:09:1000:16:54.497
9 1511Dan Peter GollayanM-Open5400:06:2900:09:2100:16:55.496
10 1577Michael GohM-Open6500:05:3400:10:0600:16:56.695

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