Ha Long Bay Marathon

2018-04-01 • 42 Km

63 Participants • 7 Women • 56 Men

Average Time: 04:35:36
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Comp.ViewRankBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. PlaceSplit 1Split 2Official Time
14043SAEKI MAKINOMale 29-391101:26:1601:58:1402:23:52.0
24052QUỐC LƯỢNG TRỊNHMale under 292101:36:5802:13:4802:43:42.0
34020VĂN LONG NGUYỄNMale 29-393201:36:5702:15:0002:46:01.0
44017TIẾN HÙNG NGUYỄNMale 29-394301:39:2202:17:2302:47:43.0
54010TRUNG TAM LEMale 29-395401:52:1902:38:5303:17:41.0
64041QUOC TUAN VUMale 29-396501:56:0302:44:1503:23:56.0
74002MẠNH TOÀN ÂUMale 40 and over7102:01:1302:48:0903:26:55.0
84004CUONG D. NGUYENMale 29-398601:56:0202:51:1703:32:38.0
94021VIỆT HÙNG NGUYỄNMale 40 and over9202:01:3402:52:5103:32:59.0
104056PARK BYUNGMale 40 and over10301:54:4102:49:2303:33:49.0
114046LINH CHI NGUYỄNFemale 29-391102:05:1202:55:1203:33:54.0
124018TIẾN VIỆT NGUYỄNMale under 2911201:56:3602:50:0203:38:52.0
134015THÀNH QUANG NGUYỄNMale 29-3912702:12:0502:59:4503:39:21.0
144032TORU KIYAMale 40 and over13402:04:4503:00:5503:42:50.0
154036VAN BINH TRANMale 29-3914802:12:0603:01:4303:42:51.0
164007HỮU TOÀN ĐINHMale 29-3915902:12:1203:01:5503:43:10.0
174042QUANG PHI PHANMale 29-39161002:07:2003:04:1803:52:59.0
184003TIÊN CHƯỞNG CAOMale under 2917302:19:3903:13:4803:58:35.0
194022XUÂN BÁCH NGUYỄNMale 29-39181102:26:4803:20:1004:04:50.0
204024HONG SON PHAMMale 40 and over19502:21:3803:16:3604:05:03.0
214054THUYET NGUYENFemale 29-392202:23:5303:21:4204:10:23.0
224025MINH ĐỨC PHẠMMale 29-39201202:22:4403:25:1904:22:25.0
234047NATHALIE PAGEAUFemale 29-393302:29:1903:31:3704:23:30.0
247777MINH ĐỖMale 40 and over21602:32:4803:45:2204:23:55.0
254016TIẾN HÙNG NGUYỄNMale 40 and over22702:34:4003:37:4504:27:26.0
264014MẠNH TRUNG NGUYỄNMale under 2923402:26:0503:46:0004:35:15.0
274006DAT VUMale 29-39241302:40:5703:45:2504:36:21.0
284045TÚC NGÂN LÂMFemale under 294102:41:2003:48:4604:41:11.0
294001ANH HOANG LEMale 29-39251402:38:3703:46:0404:41:24.0
304057MINH PHƯƠNG BÙIMale 29-39261502:51:5203:59:4304:51:32.0
314058TRỌNG GIÁP LÊMale 29-39271602:36:3303:57:5804:59:22.0
324030HOANG VIET THACHMale 29-39281702:47:0904:07:0305:01:13.0
334013ĐỨC MINH NGUYỄNMale 29-39291802:58:2704:09:2805:04:02.0
344050MẠNH DŨNG NGUYỄNMale under 2930502:39:4003:58:5205:12:49.0
354008THANH NGA DOANMale 29-39311902:32:2903:58:3805:13:06.0
364027QUỐC BẢO PHANMale 40 and over32802:48:5304:17:0105:16:41.0
374026QUANG THỊNH PHANMale under 2933602:53:2704:12:5505:18:49.0
384055THU CUC TRINHFemale 29-395403:04:3004:23:0605:23:36.0
394053QUỐC ĐẠT BÙIMale 40 and over34903:04:2904:23:0505:23:58.0
404011LÊ TUẤN VŨMale 40 and over351002:55:1904:20:0105:25:21.0

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Name: Ha Long Bay Marathon
Date: 2018-04-01
Location: Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam
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