Ha Long Bay Marathon

2018-04-01 • 10 Km

159 Participants • 49 Women • 110 Men

Average Time: 01:14:35
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Comp.ViewRankBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
11147VAN CHUYEN NÔNGMale 16 and over1100:39:13.0
21130PHƯƠNG NGUYỄNMale 16 and over2200:40:03.0
31155VĂN HÙNG NGÔMale 16 and over3300:43:13.0
41089DƯƠNG HAMale 16 and over4400:44:51.0
51091QUANG CHIẾN NGUYỄNMale 16 and over5500:46:20.0
61144VĂN TRÌNH NGUYỄNMale 16 and over6600:51:23.0
71083HONG HAI VUMale 16 and over7700:52:05.0
81116NGUYÊN PHƯƠNG ĐÀOMale 16 and over8800:52:43.0
91127THÀNH ĐẶNG TUÂNMale 16 and over9900:52:57.0
101112TRUNG TRẦNMale 16 and over101000:52:59.0
111111NGUYỄN TRỌNG NHÂN LÊMale 16 and over111100:53:24.0
121001HAI BINH NGUYENMale 16 and over121200:53:58.0
131110TRUNG NGÔMale 16 and over131300:54:48.0
141050QUANG VŨ NGUYỄNMale 16 and over141400:55:31.0
151128MINH VIỆT DƯƠNGMale 16 and over151500:55:55.0
161040ANH TÚ NGUYỄNMale 16 and over161600:56:06.0
171029HƯNG LÊMale 16 and over171700:57:06.0
181103NGUYỄN HOÀN ÁI ĐINHMale 16 and over181800:57:10.0
191088SƠN NAM Male 16 and over191900:57:31.0
201078NGOC HIEU TRANMale 16 and over202001:00:12.0
211142MẠNH THẮNG ĐOÀNMale 16 and over212101:00:36.0
221035MATTHEW POWERMale 16 and over222201:00:41.0
231122NGỌC NGUYỄNMale 16 and over232301:00:51.0
241005MINH TUAN DANGMale 16 and over242401:00:58.0
251077MINH PHÚ TRẦNMale 16 and over252501:01:08.0
261014DZUNG VÕFemale 16 and over1101:01:27.0
271049QUANG HAI NGUYENMale 16 and over262601:02:01.0
281123HUY DŨNG NGUYỄNMale 16 and over272701:02:02.0
291047MẠNH CƯỜNG NGUYỄNMale 16 and over282801:02:14.0
301002BÌNH YÊN BÙIMale 16 and over292901:02:22.0
311060VAN TUONG NGUYENMale 16 and over303001:02:22.0
321101VĂN TRƯỜNG PHẠMMale 16 and over313101:03:41.0
331032THUỲ HƯƠNG LƯUFemale 16 and over2201:03:42.0
341143ĐƠN DƯƠNG HẠCMale 16 and over323201:03:47.0
351016DOAN HAI LÊMale 16 and over333301:04:01.0
361096THUỶ HOÀNG VŨMale 16 and over343401:04:02.0
371125YARIK Male 16 and over353501:04:08.0
381059VĂN QUANG NGUYỄNMale 16 and over363601:04:23.0
391134VIET NGUYENMale 16 and over373701:04:31.0
401092HỒNG HẢI TRẦNMale 16 and over383801:04:36.0

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Name: Ha Long Bay Marathon
Date: 2018-04-01
Location: Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam
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