Ha Long Bay Marathon

2018-04-01 • 5 Km

158 Participants • 67 Women • 91 Men

Average Time: 00:55:35
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Comp.ViewRankBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
15035HỮU HỒNG PHẠMMale 16 and over1100:31:52.0
25111VĂN HUYÊN PHẠMMale 16 and over2200:32:13.0
35112MẠNH CƯỜNG VŨMale 16 and over3300:33:05.0
45083HOÀNG NGUYÊN VŨMale under 164100:33:24.0
55082THỊ THU HUYỀN NGUYỄNFemale 16 and over1100:33:32.0
65052TRỌNG NGHĨA NGUYỄNMale under 165200:34:16.0
75096RYUNOSUKE KIYAMale under 166300:34:18.0
85041TRUNG SƠN HOÀNGMale 16 and over7400:35:42.0
95007?DIU NGUYENFemale 16 and over2200:36:05.0
105017ILYA KOZLOVMale 16 and over8500:37:08.0
115108RUSLAN VŨMale 16 and over9600:37:39.0
125122NGỌC THANH BÌNH CHUNGMale 16 and over10700:37:40.0
135039THỊ QUỲNH TRANG QUÁCHFemale 16 and over3300:38:27.0
145091HỒNG TRANG PHẠMFemale 16 and over4400:39:18.0
155114GIA HƯNG ĐỖMale under 1611400:39:33.0
165026HOÀNG LONG NGUYỄNMale 16 and over12800:40:14.0
175001HẢI YẾN BÙIFemale 16 and over5500:40:14.0
185088QUANG ANH LÊMale under 1613500:41:10.0
195123HỒNG PHÚC ĐÀOMale under 1614600:41:51.0
205115GIA THÀNH ĐỖMale under 1615700:41:52.0
215116GIA BÁCH ĐỖMale under 1616800:41:57.0
225053HOÀNG PHI LÊMale under 1617900:42:15.0
235045TRÚC HÀ LÊFemale 16 and over6600:43:36.0
245032TUẤN HIỆP NGUYỄNMale 16 and over18900:43:53.0
255124THUỴ TRÂM ANH ĐÀOFemale under 167100:44:11.0
265012MINH HẢI ĐỖFemale 16 and over8700:44:57.0
275025DIEU HUYEN NGOFemale 16 and over9800:44:58.0
285047QUOC KHÁNH HÀMale under 16191000:44:58.0
295016HUONG TRANFemale 16 and over10900:44:59.0
305046THỊ THANH THỦY NGUYỄNFemale 16 and over111000:45:00.0
315134THỊ LỆ CHI NGUYỄNFemale 16 and over121100:45:21.0
325028NHẬT NAM NGUYỄNMale under 16201100:45:51.0
335084DUY ĐỨC VŨMale under 16211200:45:59.0
345128DŨNG VŨMale under 16221300:46:02.0
355098PHAN ANH HOÀNGMale 16 and over231000:46:28.0
365097THANH TÙNG NGUYỄNMale 16 and over241100:46:28.0
375062ÁNH DƯƠNG TRẦNFemale under 1613200:46:51.0
385040ANH QUYNHFemale 16 and over141200:46:51.0
395044ĐỨC DUY TRỊNHMale 16 and over251200:46:57.0
405137DJAMIL BENMEHIDIMale 16 and over261300:48:17.0

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Name: Ha Long Bay Marathon
Date: 2018-04-01
Location: Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam
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