BIKE ZONE Tri Dash Bangkok (2018 Tridash series)

2018-04-22 • Relay

10 Participants • 7 Women • 3 Men

Average Time: 01:55:12
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankCat. PlaceSwimBikeRunOfficial Time
314Team TPORelay1100:10:1200:41:4700:33:3401:31:18.0
183Team โอ้ เอ้Relay2200:12:0000:45:0600:35:3101:36:59.0
73Team THE OODRelay3300:12:4200:54:3600:29:2001:38:17.0
79Team TNRelay4400:11:3400:56:1100:38:4901:48:34.0
77Team NBARelay5500:14:2200:56:5200:34:0701:53:26.0
74Team 3 Cute AngelsRelay6600:16:4901:04:0800:37:3802:00:45.0
164Team Jingle BoyRelay7700:13:2701:12:4700:36:3402:05:24.0
142Team Nist1Relay8800:11:0801:16:0000:38:5502:08:30.0
143Team Nist2Relay9900:11:3001:17:5300:39:2802:10:33.0
78Team MNTRelay101000:14:1801:14:5400:45:0202:18:05.0

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