BIKE ZONE Tri Dash Bangkok (2018 Tridash series)

2018-09-08 • Standard

173 Participants • 46 Women • 127 Men

Average Time: 01:26:56
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RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. PlaceSwimBikeRunOfficial Time
1 161Toan TranM18-391100:07:0800:31:3600:21:5701:02:29.0
2 146Dirk KollmannM40-492100:07:0200:32:1900:22:0601:02:57.0
3 157Claudio BelluM40-493200:07:1300:32:2100:22:0001:03:11.0
4 153Kipsan BeckM40-494300:07:0500:32:1200:22:1401:03:23.0
5 145Daniel TeixeiraM18-395200:07:2300:33:5300:21:5301:04:42.0
6 165Loic LinardM18-396300:08:0500:34:1100:22:0601:06:45.0
7 174Fabien DugueM40-497400:06:3300:34:1100:23:5701:07:32.0
8 149Roman FloesserM18-398400:07:3200:34:1600:23:4601:07:39.0
9 150George HumeM40-499500:07:5900:33:5000:25:0501:08:26.0
10 158Peter GilleM40-4910600:07:4200:34:3800:25:1501:09:04.0

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Name: BIKE ZONE Tri Dash Bangkok (2018 Tridash series)
Date: 2018-09-09
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
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